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© A. A. Language Services, L.L.C.

A. A. Language Services, L.L.C. offers top-quality translation of documents from Spanish to English.

Each translation is personally performed or reviewed by Ashley B. Adams, M.A., who is a Spanish > English translator certified by the American Translators Association (ATA). Ashley has more than fifteen years of experience as a full-time professional translator, as well as a master's degree in translation.

A. A. Language Services, L.L.C. provides translations of:

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  • Legal documents
    laws regulations contracts terms and conditions court decisions affidavits letters rogatory police reports evidentiary materials
  • Business documents
    articles of incorporation corporate policies meeting minutes press releases employee satisfaction surveys employee grievances business correspondence media reports on business issues and activities
  • Marketing content
    marketing copy for the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry, including: airlines hotels restaurants travel aggregators destination cities tourist attractions marketing copy for academic institutions marketing copy for pharmaceutical companies marketing copy for retail companies marketing surveys
  • Medical and pharmaceutical documents
    clinical trial agreements informed consent documents laws and regulations related to the conduct of clinical trials correspondence with regulatory authorities scales and questionnaires for patients and caregivers patient and caregiver support group materials insurance documents medical records
  • Academic documents
    school transcripts report cards individualized education programs (IEPs) diplomas and certificates
  • Vital records and other personal documents
    birth certificates marriage certificates death certificates driver's licenses and other identity documents asylum affidavits and other immigration documents divorce decrees benefit verification letters personal correspondence

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